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Flopsy Organic Dinner SetThis Organic Dinner Set which is manufactured in Organic Bamboo is ideal for use in the home, in the garden or even in the park.  The Plate is 21cm in Diameter, the Bowl is 14cm, and the Cup is 9cm. A Fork and Spoon are included.  The Set is Dishwasher safe but it is not recommended for Microwave use.
 Peter Rabbit Organic Dinner Set
Items available:
Flopsy Organic Dinner Set
Peter Rabbit Organic Dinner Set
Snack Box with Cutlery Set (Pink or Blue)
Fork and Spoon Set (Pink or Blue)
Peter Rabbit Plate
Flopsy Plate
Flopsy Beaker
Peter Rabbit Beaker
Flopsy Mug
Peter Rabbit Mug
Flopsy Bowl
Peter Rabbit Bowl




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