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Mrs Rabbit and PeterPigling Bland

Our passion is collecting Beatrix Potter figurines and we want you to be able to share in that too.
Whether you are interested in Beswick Figurines, Royal Albert Figurines or Border Fine Arts Figurines all have a charm and attraction that will delight any discerning Collector.
We bring you here Facts and Reviews of the various Figurines thatAmiable Guinea PigTimmy Tiptoesare still available today.
Beatrix Potter herself was a delightful and interesting person who had a passion for the little animals that have become famous because of her Tales. She had an amazing talent to produce wonderful illustrations for her books.  This is one reason why Collectors around the world have such a passion for the Figurines that have been created as a result of Beatrix’s Tales.  We have included here some of the interesting facts about her life. 
Mrs Rabbit
Tom Kitten
We trust you will find our resource useful and come back time and again to discover more about this wonderful lady, Beatrix Potter, her wonderful Stories and the Figurines that have emerged as a result.