Royal Albert Mrs Tiggy-Winkle

Mrs Tiggy-winkleand

Mrs Tiggy Winkle Takes Tea

Mrs Tiggy-Winkle- First Version:  was modelled by Arthur Gredington and comes in the small size (8.3 cm). Royal Albert began production of this figuine in 1989 and continued until 1998.  They only produced the later variation where Mrs Tiggy-Winkle is wearing a Red-Brown Plaid dress.  It has the BP-6a back-stamp.
Mrs Tiggy-Winkle – Second Version:  This figurine was modelled by Amanda Hughes-Lubeck and comes in the large size (11.9 cm).   Mrs Tiggy-Winkle is holding a creamy-brown iron.  It was issued in 1996 and has the BP-6b back-stamp.  It was discontinued in 1997.

Mr Tiggy-winkle Takes Tea

Mrs Tiggy Winkle Takes Tea:  David Lyttleton modelled this figurine which Royal Albert produced from 1989 to 1998 with the BP-6a back-stamp.  (Beswick continued to produce it until 2002).  

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